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Covid 19's Impact on The Bike Revolution

The rumors are true! We suffered not one, but two separate robberies as a direct result of Covid 19. The first one smashed through the front door on March 22nd, and another a couple days later sneaking in through the back. This on top of the Pandemic's effect globally on Tourism ultimately led to The Bike Revolution closing the Downtown location. We are still here, just regrouping and recovering from some very rough times.

We now offer Bike Rentals and Repair with a pickup and delivery service. New Bike Sales go through Kona Bikes - they have some amazing new Bikes this year! From kids Bikes, to City Bikes, to Electric Mountain Bikes - You buy it on their site, they ship it to us and we'll build it and deliver it directly to You as they become available.

At the behest of inquiring Customers that want to help we have started a GoFundMe page for the ShopWhat wasn't stolen was liquidated by the 12 year Owner of the Store. We wish You well Scott. Rather than watching TBR die, the Manager bought what was left - just in time to see the biggest run on Bikes in History happen and to learn there is no assistance for new Business Owners on the Community, State, or Federal Level.

Click HERE to read the full account and learn how You can help. We will make it, somehow. Viva la Revolución!

Covid 19's Impact: About Us
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