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In comparison to the catalog, the archive has more source fluxes (fewer nulled wavelengths) and some more sources but these additions have more uncertainty associated with them. For the catalog, the S/N must be greater than [6, 6, 6, 10] for IRAC bands [3.6um], [4.5um], [5.8um] and [8.0um] for the flux to appear in the corresponding wavelength column. Whereas for the archive, the S/N must be greater than [5, 5, 5, 5] for IRAC bands [3.6um], [4.5um], [5.8um] and [8.0um]. For the catalog, sources with neighbors within a 2" radius are excluded (culled). For the archive, sources within a 0.5" are excluded. The difference in criteria for the catalog and archive creation is more complex and described in Section 5.2 of the SAGE Data Delivery Document [PDF].

be one page nulled 132

I remember reading how William Mogey would grind lenses, and they would use mechanical grinding for the initial shape, then they had a hole in the ceiling of the workshop to use as an artifical star and any residual abberations he would work on one lens element until the abberation was nulled, not both. Maybe this would make for an orientation dependent nullification of residual errors if he only hand figured a single element in the pair?


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