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The two most common forms of obfuscation are known as block substitution and function substitution. Block substitution, for example, replaces a block of binary code with another block of binary code, such as replacing the Windows API with a block of code that has the same effect. Function substitution, on the other hand, replaces the function of a block of binary code with another function. For example, it could replace the function of a Win32 API function with a function that just returns a 0. This is known as trivial obfuscation.

Obfuscation is a distinctive mechanism equivalent to hiding, often applied by security developers, to harden or protect the source code (which is deemed as intellectual property of the vendor) from reversing. The goal of such an approach is to transform the source code into new encrypted byzantine source code symbols which have the same computational effect as the original program. By applying effective obfuscation over the source code, it is difficult for a vicious-intentioned person to analyze or subvert the unique functionality of software as per his requirements. Vendors typically seem to be safe by ensuring obfuscation over their intellectual property, but unfortunately, software code is not safe from being modified even after applying obfuscation; it still can be cracked.

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One of the drawbacks to this approach was that we needed to recompile every time we made even a small change to the code. This slowed everything else we were doing down and because we couldn't always have someone waiting for the application to finish building. 827ec27edc


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