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Loomis isn't the only one with his head up his ass. There's the sheriff's deputy, Jamie's friend, and all-around do-gooder Eric Hauser, who storms into the clinic in his cop uniform and immediately starts barking orders at the nurses and doctor. The poor inmate who had been cut on the arm from the earlier escape, and who Sissy is to certify for release, is similarly ordered off his bed. Loomis, who is perfectly sane, is sneeringly told to "go wait in the lobby" and takes one look at Hauser and knows he's no help. "No help," as it turns out, is exactly the way that he should be. The other steadfast allies that Jamie has in this movie are none of these things. Jamie's roommate, with whom she lives in the trailer, is a scumbag if ever there was one, and a half-wit who spends his time hiding in the van or lying in the trailer, depending. He has a weird malady, in which he freezes up and seems momentarily to forget what he's doing. In the original there was a bit of a campy aspect to the character, but in this film he's just the kind of helpless moron you wanted to meet in a movie like this, and the best way to deal with him is to ignore him completely. As we've seen, the sheriff may be a useless prick, but he actually does his job in this movie. Jamie is frustrated by his slackness in pursuing the escaped inmates, and punches him in the face for it. It is, of course, exactly the answer the sheriff was hoping for. Later on, when one of the convicts seems to have gone berserk, the sheriff pursues him, only to be shot in the face by the escaping convict, who is immediately apprehended. The deputy shoots and kills him, and the sheriff, who was not wearing a bulletproof vest, is given quite the thorough going-over for his troubles. The one person in the movie who doesn't get their bullet for the trouble is the officer at the entrance of the clinic, who is watching this melee and thinking about sacking up his gun before he has a chance to pursue the escaping man. The diversion doesn't last long, though, and as soon as Jamie realizes this she gives the officer the finger and runs off to get Hauser. d2c66b5586


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