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Moms Getting Gangbanged [REPACK]

Ben and I have been friends, since I was 10 years old, He is stocky, muscular and probably the most athletic out of all of us, and never seemed to have any trouble getting laid. He grinned at me, as I got in the car.

moms getting gangbanged

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To give you a little backround on my mother. Sharon is 45, fit and athletic, she has always been the free spirited, hippie type. Not saying that she was a bad mother because of it, she was actually a great mom growing up, and was considered the cool mom among my friends, as she was lenient with us drinking and smoking weed. Letting us have parties at our house, and fine with almost anything, as long as everybody was being safe. She would always say that she would prefer us to drink where she can keep an eye on us, instead of drinking outside and getting into trouble.

For the next few hours my mom continued to drink beers with us, and I could tell she was getting more and more intoxicated, as her eyes were a little glazed over, and she was laughing more with the guys. Every time Mom laughed mini tremors would run through her pale sagging breasts, and I could tell all my friends were watching my mom, trying to commit this image to memory. The sight of their friend's mom completely naked, the school MILF completely on display for all to see. I knew they would all be jerking off to the memory of my mother as soon as they got home.

Most of my friends wouldn't even look at me, no doubt feeling awkward that they were ogling my mom right in front of me. I never thought something like this would happen, and I'm sure they never thought they would be lucky enough to see my mom naked. But now that it was happening, there was a definite awkward tension building. They didn't know how to mentally deal with the situation. They must know it was humiliating for me, but a dream come true for them. Teenage boys getting to see their friend's mom naked, and not just any mom but the school MILF, the hottest mom on the block, the mother they had fantasized about for years.

Many of my friends snickered at this, and as I looked around some of the guys were looking at me, while miming jerking and cumming motions, in my moms direction. A feeling of mortification set in. This is exactly what I feared.... they are never going to let me live this down. For years they will be talking about time that Tony groped my mother in front of me, and how I didn't do anything to stop it.

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