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Full Story Epic Ibalon English Version

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The Full Story of Ibalon: An Epic from Bicol

Ibalon is a Bicolano epic that tells the story of the hero Baltog and his adventures in the land of Ibalong, along with his friends Handyong and Bantong. The epic is based on the Indian Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, and is said to have been narrated by a native poet named Kadunung.

The epic begins with Baltog, who came from Botavora of the brave clan of Lipod, arriving in Ibalong, a rich and fertile land that was inhabited by many monsters. He decided to stay and cultivate the fields, planting them with gabi (taro). He also fought and killed the monstrous wild boar Tandayag, whose tusks were as big as a man's body. He hung its jawbone on a talisay tree as a trophy.

After Baltog, another hero came to Ibalong. He was Handyong, who was wise and strong. He led his men in clearing the forests and driving away the beasts. He also made peace with the neighboring tribes and established a prosperous kingdom. He fought and defeated several enemies, such as the giant flying shark Triburon, the winged Kurakog, the one-eyed monster Onglo, the serpent Oriol, and the carabao-like Sarimao. He also befriended the half-human half-beast creatures called tawong-lipod.

The third hero of Ibalong was Bantong, who was Handyong's most loyal follower. He was brave and cunning, and he volunteered to slay the most ferocious monster of all: Rabot. Rabot was a half-human half-beast creature who could turn into stone during the day and come alive at night. He lived in a cave and terrorized the people of Ibalong. Bantong tricked Rabot by pretending to be a corpse and entering his cave. When Rabot fell asleep, Bantong stabbed him with a knife and cut off his head.

With Rabot's death, peace and order were restored in Ibalong. The people celebrated their victory and praised their heroes. They also learned various arts and skills, such as weaving, metalworking, boat-making, writing, and law-making. They traded with other lands and became wealthy and powerful. The epic ends with a prophecy that Ibalong will face more challenges and dangers in the future, but its heroes will always be ready to defend it.The article is already complete and covers the main events and characters of the Ibalon epic. However, if you want to add more details and information, you can use the following sources:

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These sources can help you learn more about the background, context, and interpretation of the Ibalon epic. You can also compare and contrast the different versions and translations of the epic, and analyze its themes and messages. 061ffe29dd


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