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d) Audio Quality. I would expect that your system would have Dolby included, but perhaps not all of the elements required to get that acronym working properly..... e) tRACE Fullscreen (timelapse) - I read up on that and it was difficult to find information on it's use. (Note: I have not checked if it actually works yet.) However, some time ago I did read that Apple is working on a field study project to better understand/confirm how accurate this method of review is...but I could get some more info on that. (Not that Dolby time-lapse time frame is all that accurate, but that is why I named it :-)

f) And lastly, if you are trying to record audio, are you actually watching your camera's video feed and not playing back the recorded video frames in QuickTime? I have found that my system (iMac G5 5 32-bit, OS X v10.6.8) can record from a camera while playing back QuickTime, but I am not sure about QuickTime 7.6.6

Not exactly...I need to get a hold of Automator. Is there a manual for it out there? The way I use Automator is to select a project and then use the "Drag Files into Actions" option from Automator with a few select files.

The numerical values are prepared to converge reasonably well with the number of allowed species. You can see what this value is based on in the code. The trick is to find a nice number that keeps variables small and keep the total species below a realistic number. d2c66b5586


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