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Paris Police 1900 (2021) English Subtitles

Parents need to know that The Women and the Murderer is a 2021 French documentary (in French with English subtitles) about France's first serial killer, who raped, tortured, and murdered at least seven women over a decade and assaulted a dozen others. His capture and conviction helped overcome public resistance to establishing a DNA database that, once formed in 1998, would help to resolve hundreds of other crime cases. Given the nature of the violent crimes, the material is unsuitable for kids. Only black-and-white crime scene photos are shown, minimizing the horror to some degree, but verbal descriptions make clear that atrocities were committed. Breasts are depicted in paintings. Language includes "s--t," "scumbag," "piss," and "damn," and "vaginal swabs" and "sperm" are mentioned with respect to collected evidence. Female journalists and police officers deal with sexism in the workplace.

Paris Police 1900 (2021) English subtitles

The film also carefully makes the argument against those who feared a DNA database would impinge on their personal privacy, as it was a painstaking file-by-file comparison of randomly collected DNA in police files that led to the killer's capture. Chief Monteil asks if people would rather have dead girls on their consciences than figure out a quick, efficient way to run matches. Had a computerized DNA database existed in the 1990s, the killer could've been caught years earlier, saving several women's lives. 041b061a72


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