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Download AIO Recovery Tools 2012 4.3 GB.14 8

A friend of mine accidentally deleted some of her important photos that she had been working on for the past few months. She does not have backup, and, unfortunately, theres no free data recovery software that she can use. I am trying to find something and I found this post, and I came across your article about the free recovery tools. I am going to look into them, because we both have messed up our photos, and maybe we can use them to recover our pictures somehow. Thanks!

Download AIO Recovery Tools 2012 4.3 GB.14 8

Download Zip:

iDiskRecovery (iDisk version) PhotoRec (Mac) Disk Drill (Mac) Kingsoft Data Recovery (Windows, Windows Vista) Easy Transfer (Mac) Knoppix (Linux) Undelete (Mac)

I just downloaded an application called AIO recovery. I am currently reading the instructions and I got this message: The description of the application is a complete copy of the original file except that it has been edited and compressed to save bandwidth

Thank you for your guidance. I am just done with my freshmen year in college and I have a few months until I get the next one. Can you please assist me to recover my photos from my sd card. I am sure you know that it has been a while since I moved and the sd card could not be inserted to my computer and it was already deleted. I even tried to format the sd card but it cannot be formatted since it is the free space of my sony camera. Tried to recover using Puran File Recovery software, but somehow it still doesnt work

Thanks for the help. I found where you could download recovery tools and thought that you guys did not have any for Windows 8, and someone asked for it. The software works on the microSD card. Thank you for the support


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