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Film Arrissala Complet En Arabe

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Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the official Islamic authority who was in charge of the film, died in 1995 before release.[7] The film was released in 1997, but was reviewed by conservative media[23][24] and was banned in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The Kuwaiti film censorship board, set up under the decree of the Emir of Kuwait and published on January 1, 1978, stated that the film was a threat to Kuwaiti national security. The film was condemned in Kuwait, but in Saudi Arabia, the censorship board was too divided to condemn it.[4][7] It was directed by Akkad himself, and was shot using 35 mm photography. There were 3,283 shots, and 127 dialogues were used. It was advertised in Cairo, Syria, Libya, and Sudan. It was backed by the Egyptian, Libyan, and Sudanese governments.[10]

The film received 3 awards at the 4th Pan Arab Film Festival in Algeria: Best Supporting Actor ("Message"), Best Screenplay ("Message"), and Best Sound ("The Message").[25] The film was given an honorary mention at the 6th International Artistic Arab Film Festival, Cairo.[26] The film was screened at the 19th Cairo International Film Festival, where it was awarded the "Special Citation."[27]

In October 1994, Akkad was credited with directing the film, which had a working title.[13] It was released in late 1997, and had been shot in Morocco since September 1989.[8] It was the first time the story of Muhammad was told and was the first time that a negative take of the 1948 attack by the U.S. Army on Muslim's holy shrine in Mecca was shown.[7][8][10] d2c66b5586


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