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Buy Fireplace Tools UPDATED

Our top choice, the four-piece Plow & Hearth Tall Fireplace Tool Set, is compact, nice to look at, and well made, and it has tools with long handles to guard against mishaps. Our best budget option, the Amagabeli Fireplace Tool Set, takes up a bit more space and lacks a bit of the flair of some other sets, but it also has generously sized handles and classic good looks and includes four tools, all at an affordable price.

buy fireplace tools

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Fireplace tools and accessories have three main functions: Tending the fire, cleaning afterward, and storage. "The stick, or poker, stokes the fire and helps keep the wood from falling in and nestling so it can have optimal airflow and the fire can continue burning," says Micetich. A pair of bellows can help add air (and also give your hearth a charming, vintage look), and tongs or thick leather fireplace gloves will help you place logs into the pile. If your fireplace doesn't already have a screen, you should add one to protect people and furniture from rogue sparks.

Items like racks, stands, and log holders can hold tools, wood, and extra kindling, and a fire-resistant fiberglass rug will help protect your floor from getting dirty. In addition to using fireplace tools, Johnathan Brewer, general contractor and member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board recommends, "Get a chimney sweep ever so often to keep unburned products of combustion from building up."

Iron and steel are durable materials that will work in both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Just know that they may wear out if exposed to the elements over time. "Sure, you can use them outside, but the real question is, 'Do you want to store them outside?' Wrought iron is rust resistant, and you can find tools with weather-resistant powder coating, as long as it's heatproof and fire rated. But the elements can greatly reduce the lifespan, so even storing them in a shed or garage will greatly extend the durability," says Micetich.

This fireplace tool set has everything you need to tend to your fire, including a broom, poker, shovel, and tongs. The tools hang on a stand that features a sleek, streamlined look with turned handles and a finial for a final flourish. All five pieces are crafted from cast iron, and the handles come in a striking glossy finish for a classic addition to your hearth. Plus, the tools are heat-resistant, so you can keep them hanging in front for easy access without them getting too hot to the touch. They're also usable for outdoor fire pits and bonfires.

Clean the fireplace easily by keeping this firewood ash bucket nearby. The kit includes 1 bucket with lid, 1 shovel, and 1 brush. With a 5-gallon capacity, it works great for holding the ashes that get swept up from the hearth. Plus, the shovel fits into the pocket on the side of the bucket. The set features a black powder-coated steel construction to help ensure longevity. The oak handle is a great accent and is not a conductor of heat so the handle will remain safe to grab.

The Gracie Oaks 4 Piece Fire-Retardant Steel Fireplace Toolset is the perfect addition to any fireplace. This set includes a fire-retardant Tampico brush, poker, shove and a stand that is made from heavy duty steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. It has a simple black powder coated finish that makes it look great. It has a modern design that will add charm to your fireplace and provides tools for safe fire management. The tools come with its stand where you can conveniently place the tools and keep them well organized. This 4 Piece Fire-Retardant Steel Fireplace Toolset from Gracie Oaks is a must for all the homes with a fireplace.

This 5-piece fireplace tool set consists of tongs, shovels, brooms, poker, and base; The distinct stand provides upright stability and strong bearing capacity; Tools in this set will conveniently facilitate all actions around your fireplace.

Strong and sturdy: Heavy duty wrought iron firewood tongs are made from durable steel. Most important, this fireplace tongs keep you 26 inches away and safe from the fire heat. but allows you to grab and maneuver hot burning logs. No more burns or feeling the heat when using your fire place or fire pit. Perfect for managing both indoor and outdoor fires.

The classic arts and crafts design of the mission 5 pc fireplace toolset fits perfectly with any décor. Whatever your style: casual, traditional, or urban, this toolset accents your décor beautifully. Constructed from steel, this toolset includes a shovel, poker, tongs, and an all-natural Tampico brush, all on a compact stand, for all of your fire-tending needs. Powdered coated with an elegant wenge finish, the mission 5 pc fireplace toolset is durable and attractive. Minimal assembly is needed.

This 5-piece fireplace tool set makes sure the flames stay bright and your hearth remains clean and well-kept between relaxing evenings by the fire. It includes one broom, one poker, one shovel, one pair of tongs, and one clean-lined rack. The rack comes attached to the stand for your convenience. Plus, there's also a line of horizontal bars to support your wood pile, so you're prepared to add another log to the fire. Each piece is made from iron with a matte black finish for a sleek, simple modern look. Best of all, there's no assembly required, so you can start using it right away.

The 5 Piece Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set is an essential and practical accessory for every fireplace. The set comes with everything you need to create and maintain and includes a poker, shovel, tongs, broom and a base stand to safely store all the tools. Constructed from wrought iron, the durable set features ergonomic handles for a comfortable and safe grip when stoking the fire, placing kindling wood, or sweeping away the ash. The set can be used indoors and outdoors and is a stylish yet functional solution for any fireplace, wood-burning stove, or fire pit.

Their exclusive iron fireplace tool sets are hand forged in two natural finishes and represent solid, long-lasting value. The wrought iron tools are quality crafted in classic shepherd's crook styling and finished with lovely grooved beavertail ends. Set includes four sturdy tools poker, tongs, shovel and broom plus matching stand.

Whether you have a traditional open fire or a wood-burning fireplace insert, a set of fireplace tools (also called a companion set) is something of a necessity. They are important for using your fireplace safely and invaluable for keeping it clean. Moreover, the right set can make an attractive addition to your room.

A large variety of fireplace tools are on the market, ranging from compact models for small, cozy fires to heavy-duty fireplace tools sometimes used with outdoor fire pits. Take a closer look at these essential fireplace accessories if you need help deciding on the best set for your home or yard.

When selecting the best fireplace tools, the challenge is finding the right blend of strength, durability, and style. What suits one person could be entirely inappropriate for another. In every case, manufacturing quality is the prime consideration, but caveats exist. Sometimes, high-value fireplace tools, while functional, may not have the strength of those manufactured by premium brands.

While every fireside tools set is designed to perform the same basic functions, a number of factors affect their suitability for a particular location, including decor style, size, material, number of tools included, and more. The following section details key considerations shoppers should keep in mind while choosing the best fireplace tools.

While product photography can provide a detailed impression of the style of a particular fireplace tool set, it can be misleading in terms of size. For example, a set that looks heavy-duty might actually be much shorter than depicted.

After reading about the key features of the best fireplace tools and reviewing some of the best options on the market, you might still have some questions. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions below to find an answer.

It can be. If you have a large open fire or an outdoor fire pit, short tools can bring your hands uncomfortably close to the flame. On the other hand, long, heavy-duty tools can look out of place with a smaller fireplace.

Northline Express has all the tools and accessories you will need to get the most out of your fireplace or wood stove. We have tools and accessories that come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and materials to create the look you want. Whether you are looking for wrought iron or stainless steel, individual tools or complete sets, Northline Express can fill the bill. As you browse through the website, we are sure you will find just the right tools and accessories to complete your fireplace or wood stove and that will provide countless hours of carefree burning pleasure.

Whether you have decided on exactly what you want or need to look through the selections to get ideas, Northline Express is your one-stop shop for fireplace and woodstove tools and accessories. We offer:

Adding a set of word burning tools to your fireplace will increase the simplicity and your enjoyment of the burning experience. Fireplace accessories also add a measure of safety when using your fireplace or wood stove. Pokers and ember rakes can help you adjust and manipulate your fuel mid-burn to ensure an efficient and safe experience while Tongs will help you add new fuel to your fire precisely and safely from a distance. Shovels and brooms help with the post fire ash cleanup making it easier and keeping your fireplace or wood stove looking good and always ready to go. Other tools such as wood racks and wall-mounting bracket hardware add to the convenience of using your tools and make sure they are right where you need them every time.

Northline Express partners with the leading manufactures of high quality, beautifully designed fireplace/woodstove tool sets and accessories: Pilgrim, Minuteman, Dagan, Uniflame, and more. (Checkout one of our best-selling sets: the Pilgrim 5 Piece Compact Wood Stove Tool Set.)This allows us to bring you the widest and most complete selection of safe and durable accessories available. Have Questions? Just contact our helpful/knowledgeable customer service experts by email, chat, or phone at 1-866-667-8454 and do not forget, we offer free shipping on any order over $99. You are sure to find exactly what you want here and get it for the best value around! 041b061a72


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