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Convatec 125025 Sur-Fit Plus Two-Piece Durahesive Wafer, 57mm is comprehensive product line with latest skin barrier technologies. It contains plastic coupling ring which allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security.



Thank you for your reply! I hope your holiday was nice and relaxing! We have already ordered the ab125025 antibody, in part because of your technical responses. To ensure that we use the antibody properly, is it possible to provide me with the more detailed Western Blot protocol used by your scientists with this antibody? Specifically, the amount and type of blocking and antibody solution (milk or other?), buffer (PBS(T) or TBS(T)), primary antibody incubation time and temperature, secondary incubation time, etc? If you can provide this, that would be great!

Inquiry: To whom it may concern, I am interested to know if your anti-ROCK2 rabbit monoclonal antibody (ab125025) was tested for cross-reactivity to ROCK1? On a similar subject, another ROCK2 antibody (ab136442) does not cross-react with ROCK1. Will you please tell me how this was determined? Kindly,

Thank you for contacting us and for your patience.I contacted the laboratory to require more information about how the specificity of ab136442 was tested. I can confirm, that the immunogen sequence of this antibody shows an identity of 75.5% to ROCK1. The specificity was tested performing a dotBlot.However, I can confirm that the immunogen sequence for ab125025 is not contained in the amino acid sequence of ROCK1 at all. This makes this product very specific for the detection of ROCK2.For this reason and because the ab125025 is covered by our six month guarantee for more applications (WB, IHC-P, ICC/IF) and species (Mouse, Rat, Human) I would recommend using the ab125025.If you want to perform IP experiments you might be eligible for the AbTrial with ab125025. You can read more about our AbTrial offer here: =resource&rid=11998I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

Yang, R, Gao, J, Jia, H, Tian, J and Christian, JM ORCID: -0003-2742-0569 2020, 'Ultrashort nonautonomous similariton solutions and the cascade tunneling of interacting similaritons' , Optics Communications, 459 , p. 125025. Preview 041b061a72


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