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God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi Dubbed

God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi Dubbed: A Hilarious Comedy Film

If you are looking for a comedy film that will make you laugh out loud, then you should watch God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed. This is a sequel to the 1980 film The Gods Must Be Crazy, which was a huge hit worldwide. The film follows the adventures of Xixo, a Bushman from the Kalahari Desert, who encounters various people and situations in his quest to rescue his children, who have been kidnapped by poachers.

What is the plot of God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed?

The film begins with Xixo and his two children, Xiri and Xisa, living happily in their village in the Kalahari Desert. One day, Xixo's children decide to explore a waterhole, where they find a truck belonging to two poachers, Mateo and George. Curious about the truck, they climb inside and play with the buttons and levers. However, they accidentally activate the truck and it starts moving. The poachers, who are busy hunting rhinos, do not notice that their truck is gone.

God must be crazy 2 hindi dubbed

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Xixo sees the truck leaving with his children and runs after it. He follows the truck's tracks across the desert, hoping to catch up with it. Along the way, he meets various people who are either lost or in trouble. He helps them out with his bush skills and wisdom, but also gets into some hilarious situations.

Some of the people he meets are:

  • Dr. Ann Taylor and Dr. Stephen Marshall, two lawyers from New York who are on a safari vacation. They get stranded in the desert when their plane crashes and their pilot runs away. They have to survive with limited resources and deal with wild animals and each other.

  • Brenner and Jack, two soldiers from opposing sides of a civil war. They are constantly trying to capture and kill each other, but end up needing each other's help to escape from various dangers.

  • Bob and Timi, two tourists who are on a hot air balloon ride. They get lost in the desert when their balloon malfunctions and lands in a remote area. They have to find their way back to civilization with the help of Xixo.

Meanwhile, Xixo's children manage to escape from the truck when it stops at a gas station. They wander around the town, causing chaos and confusion. They eventually find their way back to the desert, where they reunite with their father.

Why should you watch God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed?

God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed is a film that will make you laugh from start to finish. The film has many funny scenes and dialogues that are enhanced by the Hindi dubbing. The dubbing is done by Rajesh Kumar, who has given his own voice to all the characters in the film. He has also added some jokes and references that are relevant to the Indian audience.

The film also has a message of peace and harmony among different cultures and people. It shows how Xixo, who is from a simple and primitive background, can teach valuable lessons to the modern and sophisticated people he meets. It also shows how he can learn from them and appreciate their differences.

Where can you watch God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed?

You can watch God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed online on YouTube. This is a video uploaded by Rajesh Kumar, who has dubbed the film in Hindi with his own voice. The video has over 4 million views and thousands of likes and comments. The video quality is decent and the dubbing is funny and entertaining. You can also rent or buy the original English version of the film on Google Play Movies or YouTube.

So what are you waiting for? Watch God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi dubbed today and enjoy a hilarious comedy film that will make your day!


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