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Dr Saroj Kumar Movie 23 EXCLUSIVE

And if you expect this movie to be a perfect entertainer like 'Udayananu Taaram', then you will definitely be disappointed as it does not have the quality of the 2005 flick, which was strongly backed by the top-notch direction of Roshan Andrews and a fine performance by Mohanlal.

Dr Saroj Kumar Movie 23

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These characters (Dasan and Vijayan, with a pree degree and B.Com first class)were so famous in 1987 itself when the film first boxed, we saw it as truants from high school for a noon show at mavelikara at the tender age of 14.Me and a friend saw it in high spirits and secretly escaped from the movie hall o home after the show, just now am recalling those days, the film was a hit whatsovever.

Ananthakumar Ramadoss is a Jr. Scientist at the Laboratory for Advanced Research in Polymeric Materials,Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India. He received his Ph.D. degreefrom Jeju National University, Republic of Korea. Thereafter, worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at KoreaAdvanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Universityof Konstanz, Germany. Before, he was a research fellow in Electrochemical Materials Science Division, atthe Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India. He has published scientific publications as anauthor/co-author in peer reviewed international journals, one patent and one book chapter.


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