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Buy Bike Copenhagen

Before you even set food in a bike store, do your homework. Searching for cycle shops in your area is a good idea, but your best bet is talking to friends who cycle and asking for their recommendations, if possible.

buy bike copenhagen


There are three types of bike frames: steel, aluminium, and carbon. Carbon frames are the lightest and also get damaged most easily. Carbon bikes are by far the most expensive type, and are only recommended if you need a racing cycle.

You may wish to bring your own bike from home. I recently brought a new Trek back from America, which cost me about 1/4 the price of the same model here in Denmark. Even with the cost of taking it with me on the plane was nominal.

That said, that may NOT be the best option if you are looking for a good bike for commuting, taking your children back and forth from daycare. Denmark has a FANTASTIC selection of commuter bikes that you wont see elsewhere. There are also lots of good used bikes for sale in local papers and auction sites.

The problem with bringing your own bicycle from home, is that it may not be suitable for the weather in Denmark. Most of the bicycles from the US do not have enclosed housing for the gears, more durable paint, stocky frames, etc. The Danish weather, cobblestone streeets, commuter bicycle parking and daily use can easily ruin your bicycle in a few months of riding around Denmark. You are better off with a Danish bike, if you are planning to use everyday.

If you are buying a bicycle in Denmark, than shopping around can really pay off. First decide what you require in your bicycle. Is it just for weekend rides? Do you want a racing bike? Do you need to take your children with you? Are you going to be shopping on your bike? Is it going to be parked outside of your apartment or can it be stored inside?

I always recommend that you visit several bicycle shops and view what is on offer. There are bicycle shops all over Denmark. You will find many of them in the city center, so just keep an eye out. If you can not found one, look under "cycler" + your city in google and there will be lots to choose from. Now a reputable dealer will give you lots of advice and choices. If you can not find anything within your budget, you can check out shops like Bilka, Kvickly, Fotex, Harold Nyborg, Jem og Fixx, etc. They also carry bikes, but their quality is not quite as high, but the prices are much less. For example, I have bought several bikes at Harold Nyborg and they have been perfect for my commuting needs.

These are several types of Danish bicycles you can choose between: Herrecykler, Damecykler, MTB / mountainbikes, Racercykler, Elcykler, Christinia, Børnecykler, Ladcykel, Liggecykel, Foldecykel, Bycykler, Longjohn. You can search for their images on google images and get an idea of some of various types of bicycles available for purchase.

When you do get a bicycle, you want to make sure you have a good lock or even two locks. I have the traditional Danish lock on my bike, but also carry a chain to secure it to posts or fences if possible. Next get insurance on your bicycle. Many home insurance policies will cover bicycle theft. Especially if you get a new bicycle - make sure it is covered by your insurance company. If possible store your bicycle in the cellar of your apartment building or inside. Storing your bike out in front of your building is a common practice, but it is quite common for those bicycles to be stolen too!

Riding a bicycle is both a near necessity and quintessential to the Copenhagen experience, but the cost of a new bike, often costing upwards of $1000 can be off putting. I recently helped a Copenhagen expat friend get biked up. They were happy and surprised to find such a nice bike for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Type: Go for the classic looking upright position city bike. The one with a comfortable seat and the bent handlebar. Those have been made for a long time and thus their design is finalized.

This is a good option if you know how to ride a bike and feel comfortable using your bike as your primary mode of transportation. There are many factors to consider. How far is the commute between your housing and DIS? What forms of transportation are recommended for your journey to DIS?

You will have an additional 500 DKK stipend to use in the DSB app to cover occasional days you prefer to take public transportation over biking. This will cover a limited number of journeys throughout the semester, giving you the flexibility to use public transportation in select circumstances when you would prefer not to bike. Please note: the stipend is for semester students, and is not applicable for summer students who have rented a Summer Bike.

You need to return your Semester Bike before you leave Copenhagen. The bike must be returned no later than the Last Day of DIS Housing, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you fail to return your Semester Bike, DIS will withhold your grades (i.e. final grade report) until the bike is returned or you have paid the bike provider to replace the missing bike.

Q\ Do I need to pay anything out of pocket for my Semester Bike?There are no out-of-pocket payments for the Semester Bike itself. However, the bike providers require a small fee for a rental helmet, which is not covered by DIS.

If you experience any problems with the bike such as a flat tire, problems with the gears, etc. please contact the bike provider directly; in most cases the problem will be fixed free of charge. However, if you choose to take your bike to a third-party bike shop, you will be responsible for paying for any repairs.

Q\ Are lights, locks, and helmets included?The cost of your Semester Bike rental includes lights and an insurance-approved lock, which you will get from your bike provider. A helmet is not included in the cost of a Semester Bike. DIS strongly recommends all students who are biking to wear a helmet. To do so, you will need to bring your own, buy one once arriving in Copenhagen, or rent one from the bike provider. Buying a new helmet typically costs between 150-300 DKK and can be purchased at bike shops or larger grocery stores like Kvickly and Føtex.

Q\ What if my bike is stolen?If your bike is stolen, please refer to the bike provider for specific information. In most cases, you will have to pay for the cost of the bike and then file an insurance claim online. Please note that DIS is not liable for stolen property.

Q\ What if I lose my bike?If you lose your bike, you must speak with the bike provider. If you fail to return the bike, DIS will withhold your grades until you have settled all outstanding balances with the bike provider. Please note that DIS is not liable for lost property.

We can ship your bike directly to your local bike shop to save you time! Instead of your home address, put the address of the bike shop that will be doing the assembly and we'll deliver it there. Confirm with the bike shop that they can take delivery of the bike before you use their address.

The bike also comes equipped with a 36V battery, which mean you and your family can ride farther, the only thing that will stop you is sundown! Want to go even farther? Bring a spare battery along and swap, the batteries are small and can easily sit below the kids seat in the carrier box.

The bike is constructed out of tier 1 components, including the electric motor. Meaning you and your family will have years of enjoyment. The parts used are standard sizes and widely available, so if you ever need repairs, your local bike shop will be able to assist.

Want to get some extra exercise? Just turn off the bike's electric motor and rely solely on your leg power! The bike has gears so no matter how many kids are sitting in the cargo box, you'll be able to pedal with ease. If you get tired, simply turn the electric assist back on and you'll get power flowing back to your pedals.

No kids to haul? The bike's cargo box is versatile and the kids seats can be easily removed in seconds, opening up space to carry whatever cargo you have. These bikes make great substitutes for short haul delivery vehicles, giving your family a break a gas money, and our environment a break on emissions.

Whether your child will be able to ride in the cargo box depends on their age and height. We do not recommend carrying infants / toddlers without installing a special seat. Customers will often purchase a car seat or a bike seat and install it in the box so that they can ride with their little ones. Children over the age of 18 months are typically big enough to ride in the cargo box, however, you should consider the dimensions of the cargo box (below) seats versus your child's height before purchasing.

Join us on our popular guided Bike Tours. Glide through wonderful Copenhagen on a stylish bike and experience the must-see sights and tucked-away gems of the city on an easy, fun and comfortable 2 hour bike ride with your own private guide.

In Copenhagen life is lived in the saddle of a bike, so do as the locals do and bike your way through the city on our brand new Instagram friendly Jopos, Mustangs and Cargo Family Bikes. Rent one or more of our great bikes for either 3 hours, a full day or for serveral days.

Word of mouth is sometimes the most efficient. Ask your friends, fellow students, co-workers. Sometimes it is as if Copenhagen is a city revolving around bikes and somebody always knows someone who probably could come up with a good offer for you, Luca suggests.

Before buying a second-hand bike you should really think about the pros and cons. There are parts that are going to give up probably sooner than later. If you are not able to fix it yourself, a second hand bike could in short time become actually more expensive than buying a new one, the mechanic says. 041b061a72


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