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Nude Gay Cowboy

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nude gay cowboy

The protests have shut down Ottawa for two weeks. Truckers blocked Ambassador Bridge, one of the biggest trade routes between the U.S. and Canada, for several days. And while the truckers try to talk to each other, the Ram Ranchers are there to disrupt communications and talk about the joys of sucking cowboy cock.

The trip heightens the boys' sexual appetites. The Marine gazes down at the urchin face of the boy at his feet. "Eat it, boy," Hassan growls. "Eat that soldier's hunk of meat." In the other room Jason lies writhing on his back as the young gypsy rides him, "whooping in triumph, his arm raised like a cowboy on a bucking stallion." And the twins meet two breathtaking new boys. "It was like ...

Randy and Bob have raunchy morning sex. Later Mario's relationship with Brandon reaches a make-or-break climax. "Brandon laughed at Mario's horseplay but was dazzled too by the fantasy of the naked cowboy riding his cock. A cowboy hat perched on his tousled black hair, Mario raised his arm triumphantly and whooped like a cowpoke riding a bucking bronco, his ass impaled on Brandon's cock."

It was the ultimate pornographic fantasy - the macho leather-master captured and humiliated as a muscular black slave, tied naked to a tree by his neck at the mercy of his men. Zack is forced to watch Randy and Mark make passionate love. Then all the men line up behind the naked leatherman to work on his ass. Randy fucks him like a gypsy cowboy riding the ass of a bucking black stallion. 041b061a72


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