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My Book Of Memories By Frederick Holbrook

SS Meuse Argonne My father served on the Meuse Argonne and I am hoping to find a copy of any issue of the ship's newsletter "The Meuse" for a book of memories I am putting together for him. 11/21/01 Shirley White

My Book Of Memories By Frederick Holbrook


US Maritime Service I am preparing a history of US Maritime Service from its inception to its demise and would those who served or trained in the Service to get in touch with me so their recollections, memories and history can be included. My last book, Shadows on the Horizon: The Battle of Convoy HX-233, published 1998, is still available from Naval Institute Press. 10/23/00 W. A. Haskell, Lorenzstr 24, 76359 Marxzell/Pfaffenrot, Germany


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