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Markups are much easier to create and edit with the new text markup functions. When you add a text markup to your drawing, its text orientation is always parallel to the objects it is tagging.Markups make it easier for you to keep track of layers with groups, since groups maintain the tags when you apply them to the drawing.The classic Insert New Data from Data Form window is available from the Insert tab. Click Insert, choose New Data from Data Form, and then choose either Text or a Drawing Type.Revisions:The new Update Revisions feature lets you quickly and easily make changes to previous versions of your drawings, thanks to the new versioning support.The feature is available in all standard and template-based environments in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.You can now delete a template within a drawing or an entire template folder.The Find Previous command now highlights the revision immediately prior to the current one in the search results.The template or drawing revision preview now displays the current revision, making it easier to determine the immediate revision that’s open.The History tab on the Manage Revisions dialog provides a comprehensive list of all revisions of the current file. You can use the drop-down list to select a specific revision from the list, or type its name to find it.Revisions can now be saved to other drawing formats, such as DWF, for when you want to save a new revision to another drawing format.Built-in and third-party apps and extensions:AutoCAD users can now access the Designer’s template library, which contains thousands of DWG and DWF templates that you can use to speed up your work.Third-party development tools can now access the AutoCAD Developer Network (ADN) to simplify development. You can now access the ADN from within the WinCo Tools application. (More information.)The Create Architectural Site feature is now supported in all standard and template-based environments in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.In eDrawings, you can now use the new annotation and revision features to track changes, thanks to the new annotation and revision features in eDrawings.Customizable Data Definition Language (C-DDC) and data-driven drawing functions:The new C-DDC feature lets you create custom templates for frequently used commands. You can write 2be273e24d

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