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Solucionariomoranshapirotermodinamicatecnica divhey




estroglobulinemia₂γ%₀₀g/dLhybridcreatininemia₂mg/dL (30 mg/dl)₃-₂% An increment in albumin and decrease in cholinesterase are considered less than 15% ⁄ IV₂%₀ or ⁄₂₅₀, respectively; 40-50% inhibition of CPK and creatine kinase₃ is considered not significant. Conclusion ========== 1. -Concentrations of biomarkers should be established to establish diagnosis, severity and prognosis of these diseases. 2. -Current biomarkers are used for diagnostics, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring in clinical practice and there is a need to establish new biomarkers for rapid diagnosis, identification of early stages and more accurate disease assessment. 3. -Biomarkers, such as tumor markers, cytokines, proteins, enzymes and pathogens are analyzed to understand their role in disease pathophysiology. 4. -Traditional biomarkers are used for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring of liver diseases. 5. -New biomarkers have been proposed for diagnosis and disease monitoring of new and emerging liver diseases. 6. -In the field of liver disease, biomarkers associated with immunity, angiogenesis, coagulation, fibrosis and cancer are being used for disease monitoring, assessment of liver disease severity and prognosis, diagnosis and follow-up of patients with chronic liver disease. 7. -We highlight the importance of new and promising biomarkers for the early detection of liver diseases, classification of patients, monitoring of treatment response and prognosis. 8. -Biomarkers should be identified through scientific studies. 9. -Researchers should search for new biomarkers and analyze old biomarkers to identify new applications. 10. -Biomarkers should be applied to evaluate treatment response and to assess clinical outcome in the development of new therapeutic approaches. **Source of support:** None **Conflict of interest** None ![Progress of research studies on biomarkers in liver diseases.](medscimonit-24-3-211-g001){#f1-medscimonit-24-3-211} ![Mech




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Solucionariomoranshapirotermodinamicatecnica divhey

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